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“We Want To Take Care Of Our Planet, We Belong To This Planet, This Planet Is Our Root"

Revolutionary Ideas Are Born Of Everyday Life

Like a root weaving through the constant flux of our everyday life, Root-FTC has revolutionized and reinvented vacuum-insulated water flasks by incorporating ultra-resistant cords. A simple idea that makes all the difference, nurturing change and creating the perfect container for every kind of adventure.

Who Are We?

We are a team of people from different backgrounds, all united by the desire to change and take care of our planet. 
 We have great desire, to create moments of connection between people and nature, thanks to our products.

Feed The Change

Is our payoff, our belief, a message of willingness to be part of something big and meaningful. To live a better life and to take care of our planet we need a change and we are the ones who have to fight for a change, we are the change, and we Feed the Change.

Where Do You Belong?

Root stands for “Where I belong to”, a deeper connection with our planet, a message of environmental consciousness that will bring awareness to our Users.

Our Founders

We are two Franco-Italian entrepreneurs who have spent many years living in Italy and Singapore together with our children. From our experience in Asia, we have kept the habit of using a water bottle on a daily basis.

Having now settled in central France, we enjoy taking family hikes through the local countryside, following forest trails andadmiring the sweeping views from the volcanic peaks. It was against this backdrop that we nurtured the idea of change focusing on a simple water bottle.

We wanted to develop a flask that was not only stylish and highly efficient, but also easy to carry wherever you go.