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Feed the change

Root-FTC brings an awareness of responsability reguarding our planet.

Connecting People And Nature

No waste. The future of our planet is in our hands. Nurturing change is all very well, as long as it is done with sustainability in mind. Re-usable, containing no BPA and easy to carry wherever you go, Root-FTC helps you reduce your plastic consumption. These easy-to-wash flasks are long-lasting and contribute to sustainable development and environmental protection.

Values For The World

A Root-FTC flasks allows you to quench your thirst wherever you might bewhile holding high performance, ecology and design in the palm of your hand.

Freedom & adventure

And what if we were free to pursue our adventures in the certainty of nurturing the very change the world needs? Root-FTC embodies the freedom to travel and experience adventure, safe in the knowledge that your drink is always close at hand at the desired temperature. Its unique cords are a firm favorite, not only with sportspeople but also with hikers and families out for a walk, offering each and every one of them a tailor-made means of carrying their bottle.

Do Good, Drink Better

Small steps can turn into bigger steps and they can inspire others to make small changes too (the more people making small changes the better). While it can be difficult, it’s important to try not to get discouraged by how big these problems can seem and to do what you can to make changes for the better. So get inspired to make the world a better, healthier place and join our community. Choose the reusable flask that suits you best and help up us free the world from single use plastic. Join Us! Let’s save this planet together, one step at a time.

Commitment To The Environment

Root-FTC aims to offer products that comply with environmental, health and safety standards. We work with recycled, recyclable, biodegradable and natural materials.

Recycled Materials

Most of our materials are recyclable and can be used as recyclable raw material for other products. By recycling we save energy, natural resources, water. Recycling is a process where used materials are turned into new raw materials ready to be used again.

Thanks to our partnership with the most important technical ropes producer in Europe our extra handles are manufacture as ECO cotton cords with recycled cotton and waste fabrics, reducing the use of virgin cotton and, therefore, saving a significant amount of water, CO2 and chemical products linked to treating this virgin raw material.

We work with certified suppliers

Committing to certified suppliers ensures the control of raw materials from the beginning. Our braided rope cords are FSC® certified, which certifies that they have been produced with responsible forest management. By choosing ROOT-FTC®, you will not only ensure that your new flask’s features are recyclable or reusable, but you will also help protect the planet against climate change.

Our Commitment To The Planet

We design and manufacture long-lasting quality products, with the purpose of impacting the environment as little as possible.

Intelligent Design

Simply unique. The strength of Root-FTC also lies in its unique design devised by one of the leading Italian designers from Milan Design School (IED). Matteo Vilardo Studioalong side his team and designer Marcello Marino are the creative minds behind the design thinking and technology of Root-FTC Flasks.

One Product Multiple Scenarios

Root FTC flasks are designed to be used in different environments

Flasks With Amazing Performance

More than a simple bottle, the Root-FTC Flasks incorporates all the very latest technology. With constant room temperature of 77° F (25° C) degrees we can declare that: with certainty, even after 20 hours the liquids can still be defined as hot (for the hot liquid) and 24 hours cold (for the cold liquid). Watch our Flasks in action!